Benefits of Splitting Aces and Eights in Blackjack

Splitting cards in blackjack is allowed when one is dealt an initial pair or same-valued cards. It is done by taking the other card and placing a wager on it so as to play it separately. Now, it's hardly logical to split every pair that we are dealt in the game. That's why blackjack basic strategy takes into consideration the dealer's up-card in making that decision. Nonetheless, we've been advised to split aces and eights regardless of the dealer's up-card that it seems this tip has become a fundamental rule or the golden rule in playing the game. But what are the benefits of splitting aces and eights in blackjack?

Splitting aces in blackjack seems to be a no-brainer because if one doesn't split aces, more often than not, they will bust. Since there is no other way to go about with non-split aces but to hit on them, the first draw would not be enough to reach a total that is high enough to contend with the dealer's hand. So, in effect, one would ask for a second hit which oftentimes results in a bust and consequently, wasted aces.

So, in order to maximize the use of aces, it is logical to split them especially when the chances of drawing a ten on each of them are high. As a matter of fact, the full intention of splitting aces in blackjack is to win more as blackjack basic strategy provides.

Splitting eights in blackjack, on the other hand, has a defensive benefit as opposed to splitting aces. That is, it minimizes a player's losses. The reason behind that is because a pair of eights has a poor total of 16 which is almost always a losing hand. What's more, it has been mathematically confirmed that playing eights separately has less chances of losing than playing them together where the chances of busting is definitely higher.

Splitting aces and eights in blackjack has become a rule of thumb because, over and above common sense, it is backed by studied probabilities from which blackjack basic strategy is developed. Splitting aces has increased probabilities of winning while splitting eights has decreased probabilities of losing. Simply put, when we split aces, we can win more and when we split eights, we can lose less. Either way, these are benefits that should be taken advantage of in playing the game or, more suitably, in playing these pairs in blackjack.